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A La Russe: Risotto

We're Russifying world cuisine and risotto is on the table in our first episode!
By Tim Kirby, Ruslan Babkin, Pavel Inzhelevsky, RBTH


· 100 gr rice

· 80 gr chanterelles

· 30 gr cherry tomatoes

· 10 gr grated parmesan

· 5 gr truffle oil

· 10 gr butter

· 10 gr olive oil

· 5 gr scallion

· 5 gr garlic

· 25 gr white wine

· 500 ml water

· a bit of garden cress or other greenery for decoration

· 30 gr cream

Instructions for cooking:

1. Pour oil into the stewpan, add chopped onion, rice, chanterelles. Fry everything. 2. Add white wine and wait until it boils off. 3. Gradually pour water and wait while it boils off, as well. 4. Repeat until the rice is ready. 5. Add parmesan, butter, cherry tomatoes, mix everything and serve. Recipe - Viktor Beley

July 15, 2017
Tags: cuisine, russian kitchen, delicious russia

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